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Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats and Tips

Now let me elaborate a little on the few hill climb racing 2 tips and cheats that will help you win the game, so we’re going to start off course with the arrow movements when you’re in the middle of the air hitting the accelerator, while in midair will actually force the front wheels to move down. It is contrary to what your experience tells you; you do believe that the brakes will make the front end go up, but note if you still keep your finger on the accelerator, the front end will go down not up now, while hitting the brake in the air. It will force the back wheels to go down, so this is something that will take time to get. It took me some time to get used to, as I didn’t mention. It is contrary to what your instincts tell you to do because, when you’re on the ground and you do hit the accelerator, the front wheel goes up and you presume the same thing when you are in midair, but what happens is actually the opposite. The actual front wheel goes down and this lands you in a difficult position. If you keep accelerating, do keep that in mind, also when you’re in the middle of the air keep your hand on the accelerator to keep the front wheels from going down. Of course, this applies substantially more to the four-wheel drive cars that being the Jeep and the monster truck, but it does not apply that much to the actual speed car or the racing car. Also because you don’t have a four-wheel drive, it still forces the front wheel to go down, but not as much of course, as it does for the actual racing car. I believe these are cool hill racing 2 tips that you will enjoy.

I’m going to share another cool hill climb racing 2 cheats and tips and that is I wanted to get to is that when you clear these stages, you get to move on to some of the more interesting levels like the dessert and hence, you can unlock them. Earning these points can also help you in buying these interesting stages, let me give you some examples. For example, you can buy the Arctic and finally, you can buy the Moon that is when you have enough money to buy all of these stages. You have to play each stage as hard as you can and anticipate how much work you need to put in, in order to move to the next stage. Ideally, reaching level is supposed to be good. Once you reach level 5, it means you have got the hang of the game. Also, reaching that level will give you a bonus amount of money. Basically, the bonus money you get in the new stages that you move onto, will pretty much cover the costs of unlocking that level and also the change of scenery. I think the change in the scenery is very important because playing the same stage over and over again can become boring at one point especially if the scenery is the same. Well, I can go on and on about the game but I hope you liked the hill climb racing 2 cheats and tips that I have shared with you.

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