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There are a couple of things that make hill climb racing 2 much better than hill climb racing but one of the most amazing and noticeable difference is the new and improved gameplay. All the main rules of the hill climb racing apply to hill climb racing 2 too. So basically, when you start playing hill climb racing 2, you can pretty much use the hill climb racing 2 cheats that I have already discussed for hill climb racing as well. But worry not, I can do a quick review of the hill climb racing 2 cheats that apply to the game. You need to find the perfect balance between acceleration and brakes in hill climb racing 2 too. The gameplay is different but the main theme of the game is the same, to control your vehicle and to collect as many gems as possible. Avoid over speeding especially if you are going downhill. One other thing that you need to take care of is the fact that in hill climb racing 2, you have other vehicles and drivers competing with you too. One more thing you have to be very careful about the brakes and start braking in advance since you have lots of competition in this one. Balancing your brakes and your gas pedal is very crucial because anyone can easily defeat you. You have to be very careful and try not to let any other vehicle overtake you because once someone does, it can become very hard to recover your spot from the competitors. So try to always stay ahead in the game.

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One other thing that is very important in to earn unlimited gems in hill climb racing 2 is the fact that you need to constantly upgrade your vehicle and fuel. Now you are competing with a lot of other cars so just managing your gas pedal and brakes is not enough. You also have to make sure that you are collecting the gems faster than your other competitors so now you can upgrade your vehicle. Getting a better vehicle which is also refuelled can really help you leave the others behind. Try to keep your speed as fast possible in this game because this is basically a race in which you have to make sure that you are winning and leave others behind. But while you are speeding away also don’t forget to brake every now and then to avoid your vehicle from going into a kickflip. One other thing that you constantly need to monitor is your vehicle upgrade. Let us talk about one of the most important vehicle upgrades, your engine upgrade. As soon as you get your engine upgrade, don’t think that alone is enough. You need to make sure that the engine keeps getting upgraded so as to make your vehicle go higher and higher. If the upgrade in the engine still doesn’t allow you to get high enough, then maybe you need to turn your attention towards your tires and wheels. The engine is not the only thing that will cause you to go higher, you need to upgrade your wheels too. Not only will that cause you to go higher but it will also improve your grip too. You can also earn unlimited money in hill climb racing 2 and gems using the trick mentioned previously or download the hill climb racing 2 mod apk here.

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