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Hill Climb Racing Cheats And Tips

When I started playing hill climb racing, I sucked at it so bad. But that was basically because I did not know any hill climb racing tips for the game. I think it really helps if you can look up some tips for playing the game, what it basically does is it helps you in learning the main points easily and in less time. So if you are pressed for time and are looking for some hill climb racing cheats and tips, you have come to the right place. Firstly, hill climb racing is really not too difficult so it is not anything to be worried about. So just follow some of my hill climb racing tips and tricks mentioned below and you will be good to go.

The first hill climb racing tip is that, avoid kickflips. This basically just means that you need to watch out for flipping your vehicle. Now, this is more common when you are going uphill. What happens is that we as drivers tend to accelerate the vehicle in order to give it more power so it can speed up the hill. But the problem with this is that we ignore the fact that coming downhill right after uphill would make our car accelerate a lot already. This high speed can cause the vehicle to flip, hence brake your vehicle every now and then.

Second hill climb racing cheat is that you need to know which upgrades your car actually needs. You can assess this by the current condition of the car and whether or not it is working well through the steep hills and turns. For example, if your car is having issues in climbing up the hill then you probably need to upgrade your engine. You also might need to look into the wheels of your car to make sure they are upgraded enough to climb up the steep hills. If the issue with your car seems to be something else, for example, handling then maybe you need to upgrade your suspensions and the four-wheel drive.

Thirdly, I would advise you to use your coins wisely. What I mean is that I know you need the coins that you have earned to pay for your upgrades and all but keep some coins aside for other things too. For example, you need to have enough coins in order to change your themes. Different themes also really help you in enjoying the game and I think that is the best part, right.

Lastly, I want to talk about one of the hill climbing cheats that will really help you and I think it is one of the most ignored aspects of hill climb racing. So basically people sometimes think that collecting coins is the most important and forget to collect fuel canisters. I think it is very important for you guys to keep collecting fuel canisters along with the coins as you go through the various levels of hill climb racing. Now, this is basically a precautionary thing. What happens is that despite the upgrades and everything, sometimes your vehicle runs out of fuel or gas and that can really slow you down. So make sure you always have enough fuel. With that, we conclude our hill climb racing tips and cheats section.

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