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hill climb racing mod apk

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About Hill Climb Racing

App NameHill Climb Racing MOD APK
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
Latest Version1.62.1
Size92 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.4+
Updated On13 June 2024
Available OnGoogle Play Store

Racing games are always everyone’s favorite for a long time. The trend of racing games is on top since the games had been introduced to the world. But as the technology entered into the modern era, the game developer companies have developed racing games. These games are for those people who love this genre of game. 

Racing games contain qualities like competition and adventure which make them interesting at all. However when we talk about the adventurous racing games, we must talk about the Hill Climb Racing MOD APK unlimited money diamond and fuel latest version. This version is Hill Climb Racing unlimited money diamond and fuel and paint 2024.

Hill Climb Racing is a game based on competitive and challenging gameplay. This game was first released in 2012 by Fingersoft Gaming Studios. The interface of this game is very simple. It has 2 modes, single player mode and multiplayer mode. In the single player mod you can play alone. But in multiplayer mod, you can play with your friends and mates.

Mod Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping


The gameplay of Hill Climb Racing is very simple and attractive. All you have to do is to control your vehicle carefully on the hills. Be careful of the fuel running out, collect coins and go as far as you can to make your own record.

hill climb racing mod apk

Race offline with your friends or all alone. A player can race in offline mode whenever and wherever he wants. To earn some epic rewards, participate in daily events and show your worth. New challenges and events are released oftenly. Never miss these challenges and events as they are full of fun.

Moreover, the gameplay of this game is based on realistic physics. Your vehicle will react in a very unique manner when physics is applied to it. A player can use it to his advantage and conquer the hills!

Features of Hill Climb Racing

Here in this section, we will discuss the exciting features of Hill Climb Racing. All of the main features are discussed below.

hill climb racing mod apk

Multiple Modes

Hill Climb Racing offers two modes, single player mode and multiplayer mode. Either a player can play alone or with friends. The choice of mode selection depends upon the player’s will.

Exciting Stages

The game contains multiple stages full of excitement and interest. Different stages contain different weathers in which the player has to control the vehicle efficiently. These stages or maps also contain different places like deserts, clear roads and snow hills. A player has to ride through all these terrains. Stages significantly increase the difficulty level of the game as a player moves on a higher level. This makes the game more fun and challenging.

Unique & Upgradable Vehicles

There are many unique vehicles having upgradable options available to a player to keep riding smooth and long. Upgrading the engine will help in long jumps, more speed and smart flips. Upgrading suspension will help in damping bumps on bumpy areas and shock will work precisely. Also to make the grip of the vehicle strong, upgrading of tires is required. Also a player can upgrade the stability system, 4-wheel drive system and many more.

hill climb racing mod apk

More Cars, More Fun

This game offers a player to enjoy the thrilling and adventurous ride of over 34+ vehicles. Each of the vehicles contains many qualities and some unique features. This makes the ride more appealing to all the players.

hill climb racing mod apk

Based On Physics Concepts

This game is very unique as it is based on concepts of physics in real time. It is a 2D game which respects all the aspects of physics such as gravity during long jumps, friction related to tire grip and many more. This feature of the game makes it more realistic and fun.

Smooth Display View

The latest version of this game is designed for both low quality and high quality displays. A player does not have to worry about the screen. This game will work well with both HD screens and non-HD screens. A player can enjoy smoothness of display on both screen types.

Features of Hill Climb Racing MOD APK

Here in this section, we will cover up some upgraded features of the MOD APK version of the game. All of these features are discussed below.

Unlimited Coins Or Money

Another attractive feature of Hill Climb Racing MOD APK unlimited money diamond and fuel and paint 2024 is unlimited coins. Your coins will never end. You will have unlimited coins to upgrade anything you want. A player can upgrade engine, suspension, tires or body kits and many more things which are upgradable. Upgrade your ride to max and enjoy the thrill of the ride.

Collect Unlimited Gems

You can collect unlimited gems as the journey never ends. These gems can be used to buy coins and some special entry tickets to special events. Also these gems can be used for free retries during a journey to continue from that spot. Collect unlimited gems and use them according to your choice.

Unlimited Fuel

This version of the game provides unlimited fuel for any vehicle. You can ride non stop without any worries of fuel. Unlimited fuel option is for every single vehicle in this game. So choose the car of your choice and start a not ending journey.

Piracy Free Version

This Hill Climb Racing Mod APK unlimited money and fuel iOS is totally piracy free and is legal to play. You don’t have to worry about it. Just play and enjoy all the special features of this version to make your game more fun and enjoyable.

Precision Controls

The controls of the game version are very smooth and effective. A player can simply handle the vehicle very precisely and smoothly. You can just press the action button and your vehicle will show the action in no time.

Boosted Graphics & Sounds

Some boosted graphics and sounds will help you to enjoy the ride even more. This version comes with some great boosted graphics to provide a more stunning experience. Also the sounds are so realistic and soft. These soft sounds will make you feel like driving a real car.

Updated Garage Mode

Garage mode is added for the players so they can easily customize their vehicles. Anything like upgrading your vehicle or doing a paint job, you can access all things from the garage. This mode is very helpful in customizing your vehicle quickly.

hill climb racing mod apk

Graphics & Sounds

Another good point of this game is its stunning graphics and high quality sounds. While riding smoothly a player can experience the amazing sound quality along with the wide views of high quality graphics. This is one of the reasons that Hill Climb Racing is a famous game.

The graphics effects of this game are based on real time physics. A player can feel these effects while riding on a strict hill with some beautiful weather. The colors are more vivid and sharp to provide an amazing experience to the rider.

If we talk about the sounds of the game, these are quite impressive. The background music changes according to the situation of the game at the current instant. Sounds of thunder will get the thrill out of you! The sound system is perfect for the game to enjoy it with some more pace.

Pros & Cons


  • Ride Multiple Vehicles
  • Experience Different Stages
  • No Ads
  • Experience Different Weather Conditions
  • Smooth Gameplay


  • Quite Technical Gameplay
  • Some Unclimbable Obstacles
  • Requires Android 4.4+
  • Limited Fuel
  • Can Cause Addiction

How to Download and Install

Here is the complete guide on How to Download and Install Hill Climb Racing Mod APK.

hill climb racing mod apk

Want to play on iOS? Follow the simple steps on How to Download and Install Hill Climb Racing for iOS

Are you a PC user? Follow the instructions on How to Download and Install Hill Climb Racing MOD APK for PC

Minimum Requirements

For Android

  • OS: Android 4.4+
  • RAM: 2GB Minimum (4GB Required)
  • Storage: 2GB

For iOS

  • iPhone: iOS 11.0 or later
  • iPad: iPadOS 11.0 or later
  • Storage: 2GB

For PC

  • OS: Windows 8.1 or above
  • RAM: 4GB Minimum (8GB Required)
  • HDD/SDD: 5GB Free Disk Space


  • OS: macOS 11.0 or later
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 4GB Free Space

Final Words

As a player of Hill Climb Racing, I believe that the game is full of fun and enjoyment. It helps the players to ride with their favorite vehicle to feel the thrill of the hill. Try new modifications in your vehicle and be yourself by doing this. All the players will have fun with over 34+ vehicles to ride. Hill Climb Racing MOD APK will help you do all the stuff to get yourself amused.

Frequently Asked Questions

With a good enough fuel tank and some skills, you can go for an infinite amount of time.

“Super Offroad” is currently considered as the best car of Hill Climb Racing. For more info, read article on the best cars of Hill Climb Racing.

Simply connect your game to your Google account or Fingersoft ID to transfer your progress between Android devices.

At the beginning, there is only one vehicle available to ride. But in the Hill Climb Racing MOD APK version, you have unlimited money to buy all vehicles.

Yes, this game offers multiplayer mode to play with your friends for fun.

Yes, Hill Climb Racing is completely can be played offline.