Hill Climb Racing for PC

We all have been playing Hill Climb Racing on Android devices till now. Fingersoft developed this game for Android devices at the beginning. But now you can enjoy Hill Climb Racing For PC on Windows 10+ or emulators like BlueStacks.

Are you bored of playing this game on your small mobile screen? Now you are not limited to playing on your mobile. Enjoy the full controls with mouse and keyboard. Playing on PC will give you the thrill you’re expecting. Download Hill Climb Racing MOD APK or regular version for PC and enjoy as long as you want. Enjoy distortion free experience without any battery issue, notifications and mobile calls.

hill climb racing for pc


Here in this section you will find some unique and exciting features of Hill Climb Racing For PC.

Bigger Screen, Better View

Enjoy all the vibrant colors of the game on your big and better screen. Spot all the little hidden details and secrets of the games on your bigger screen. Feel the multiple colors and designs with a bigger display.

Top Performance

Your PC will give you better graphics with relatively less lag and smooth performance. In this case your mobile phone may struggle. Multitasking feature will help you to switch between tasks without any disruption to your Hill Climb Racing session.

Precision Control

Precise and smooth controls offered by the mouse will help in riding your vehicle more smoothly. Also the correct utilization of your keyboard will help to perform multiple tasks at the same time without any input lag.

Other Features

“No Battery Issue” is the best feature while playing on a PC. Play for unlimited time without the fear of low battery. Moreover, many emulators offer the screen recording feature. You can simply record and share your gameplay content with anyone.

If you’re playing directly on Windows 10 or later by downloading from Microsoft Store, the screen recording option is not available. You must install a third party software to record and share your gameplay.

How to Download and Install Hill Climb Racing on PC

You can play Hill Climb Racing on PC in two ways. First, you can get it on Microsoft Store available in Windows 10 or later. Secondly, you can play the modded version of the game on emulators like Bluestacks.

Here in this section, we will cover up both ways. Below are details.

BlueStacks Emulator

BlueStacks is considered as World No. 1 android emulator with the trust of over 500 Million people worldwide. This emulator comes with Virtualization Technology to provide you the best experience. The Gaming Booster option is also available to enhance your gaming experience.

hill climb racing for pc
  • First of all, download BlueStacks. After finishing downloading, install BlueStacks in simple steps.
  • Now simply download the Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk from our official website https://hillclimbapk.com/.
  • Once download is complete, open the mod apk file with BlueStacks Emulator.
  • Simply install and open the game with the icon on the emulator’s desktop.
  • Now enjoy Hill Climb Racing with a smooth gameplay experience.

Microsoft Store

The regular version of Hill Climb Racing is available on Microsoft Store. You simply need Windows 10 or later to get this game through the Microsoft Store. Below are the steps to get it.

hill climb racing for pc
  • Create a Microsoft Account at first and log in.
  • Simply open the Microsoft Store and search for “Hill Climb Racing” in the search button.
  • Now click on the “Get” button to get your download started.
  • Once your download has been finished, it will get installed automatically.
  • Now simply play the game and enjoy it.

Minimum Requirements

For PC

  • OS: Windows 8.1 or above
  • RAM: 4GB Minimum (8GB Required)
  • HDD/SDD: 5GB Free Disk Space

About Hill Climb Racing For PC

Join Bill in the amazing adventure of hill climbing with a self customized vehicle. Bill belongs to Climb Canyon where racing is the only way to live a successful life. Ride with him to be a successful rider in history.

Vehicles are self made and armed in the garage mode. Ride these armed vehicles and get mastery over the laws of Physics in a nutshell. Bill will not stop until he has conquered the highest hills with you. Climb Canyon in waiting for you and Bill, go and conquer it.

Unique hill climbing environments will challenge you to get on them. Ride with over dozens of different vehicles to climb. Collect coins and get your ride upgraded. Gain bonuses along the way doing stunts. Just don’t run out of fuel and watch your head for the crash!

Awesome Features

Here in this section we will discuss some of the most awesome and unique features of Hill Climb Racing MOD APK.

  • Lots of vehicles with multiple upgrade options. Every vehicle from a drag racer to a military tank.
  • Upgradable parts of vehicles.
  • Smooth and cool graphics with fun physics.
  • Multiple stages with vibrant graphics, full of dangers and challenges.
  • Music and sound quality is awesome.
  • Game is optimized to look good on both high resolution and low resolution devices.
  • Garage Mode: Get yourself a fully customized vehicle to ride the hills.
  • 27+ levels to beat.
  • Over 34+ vehicles to ride.
  • Collect boosters to get into the action mode.

Final Words

I believe that playing Hill Climb Racing MOD APK or the regular version on PC will enhance your gaming experience. A player can experience the better graphics on a bigger screen with relatively less lag. On the other hand, if you prefer simplicity, just stick to your mobile device and enjoy the game on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The regular version as well as MOD APK version of Hill Climb Racing, both are absolutely free on a PC.

Yes, you play using mouse and keyboard for better controls. Emulators have an option of keyboard mapping. You can simply assign the keys specific controls according to your choice.

You can play Hill Climb Racing on your PC if you meet the criteria of minimum requirement. But for smooth and better gameplay, you need to upgrade your PC.

Unfortunately no, for the Hill Climb Racing MOD APK version, you cannot save your progress. But you can save your game progress of regular version by connecting it to your Facebook ID.