top 5 hill climb racing tips and tricks

Top 5 Hill Climb Racing Tips and Tricks

Hill Climb Racing is not as simple and easy as it looks like. Don’t get fooled by the simple and attractive gameplay of this racing game. Learn some Hill Climb Racing Tips and Tricks to ride better and travel long distances.

Here in this article, we will cover up some cool tips and tricks. These tricks will help you in making new records and driving like a pro. Stick with the article to know more!

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Top 5 Hill Climb Racing Tips and Tricks

Hill Climb Racing is way harder than you can see. Some levels are very tough and can take up to many weeks to beat them. Any player can get frustrated by this. So to avoid frustration, we have put a list of best Hill Climb Racing Tips to get you the win.

1- Don’t Speed Up Unnecessary

We know that accelerating is the focus element to win a race. Most of the racing games have only focused on this element. But Hill Climb Racing is different from them.

The formula you need to use to win every race is “slow and steady wins the race”. This game will not let you get some easy wins if you are going all fast and furious.

All you need is to keep a check on your speed. Only throttle when it is needed. An extra throttle at the wrong time will lead you breaking your neck. Here is a pro tip, always press your race pedal button when you get slow or needed. Do not keep that pedal pressed.

2- When To Apply Brakes?

Proper use of brakes is the most important point in Hill Climb Racing. To get out of the tricky situations, you need to master the brake and save your neck from breaking.

If you brake unnecessarily at any instant, your car will flip and get crashed. So use the brake wisely and travel longer without getting crashed. 

Also there is a pro tip, if your car is just around the corner to be flipped, try using brakes at that instant to get back to a favourable position.

3- Select The Right Upgrade

There is no use of upgrading everything in Hill Climb Racing. Make everything easy for yourself. You need to know what each of the upgrades do. This could be the most useful tip of Hill Climb Racing. Below are the details.

selecting the right upgrade - top 5 hill climb racing tips and tricks
  • Engine: Upgrade your engine if you are unable to climb on steep hills and uneven surfaces.
  • Suspension: Upgrading your suspension will improve the overall handling and stability of your car.
  • Tires: Upgrading your tires will help in smooth acceleration and braking.
  • 4WD: Four Wheels Drive (4WD) will add some better handling in your car. This upgrade will work with the upgraded suspension for some superior handling.

The latest version of the game only shows the images of upgradeable parts. So we have mentioned all the part names in the image. You can also click on the specific upgradeable part to reveal its name.

4- Get All Cars

The best use of gold or money in this game is to buy new cars. It is not a wise act to hoard gold in the game. Always use it to buy new and improved cars. By doing this, you will not get bored easily. And secondly, you will be able to win some hard races very easily with the new and powerful cars.

5- Keep An Eye On Fuel

You have to check your speed whether you are going too fast or too slow. If you are going too slow, more fuel will be consumed. If you run out of fuel then your game will be over.

To make fuel average better, keep a steady speed and collect all the fuel cans during driving. Also watch out for time to run out.

Should You Download Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk?

You can download and install Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk from You can use the modified version of the game without any hesitation. It is safe to download and install. 

The Mod Apk version of the app is basically the modified version. In this version you will get perks like unlimited money, unlimited gems, unlimited fuel and free shopping with no Ads. Using this version will help you to grow fast in the game.


So we have discussed some most important Hill Climb Racing Tips and Tricks in this article. Now you should be able to progress more in this game by using these tips. If you have any query related to tips and tricks, feel free to comment below.

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