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Best Level in Hill Climb Racing

Are you excited to know what is the best level in Hill Climb Racing? According to us, the Moon is the best level of the game.

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Stage Description: The Moon

“Go to the secret place where no Billy has ever gone before. Different gravity system allows you to do more tricks and enjoy a whole new experience!”

The Moon is the 7th stage and comparatively the best level in Hill Climb Racing. To open this stage, you need 175,000 coins. It takes only one time to spend such an amount of coins to unlock this level.

Moreover, it is the best stage for farming coins. The reason behind it is the low gravity of the Moon. Low gravity will help in performing more flips and achieving more air time will become easier. This stage has the lowest gravity in comparison to other stages.

Remember that low gravity isn’t always a convenience. It is very hard to control your car on uneven surfaces and hills with such gravity.

Stage Composition

The landscape of the Moon is very beautiful and immense. The combination of Countryside and Arctic is great. You will find some steep hills and jagged outcrops.

If you want to see these beautiful things, you must stay with the land. These outcrops and steep hills can be seen rarely, because of the amount of time you spend in air to achieve the highest airtime.

Not many people can go so long on this stage because of low fuel. Fuel cans can be easily missed while a player is in the air. This will lead to crash or gameover.

You can use any vehicle on this map according to your choice. But 2 vehicles are the best for this map, Quad Bike and Monster Truck. It is because of the flips you can do with the powerful engine and four-wheel drive.

There is a glitch or you can say a special bonus in this map. At the start, you can get an extra 1000 coins if you start with going backwards. Move in the backward direction until you hit a barrier to collect the extra coins.

Special Vehicle: Moonlander

Moonlander is the special vehicle designed for the best level in the game. You can use Moonlander to make quick and easy money, 20~30k coins per run. Moonlander can easily fly up in the low gravity terrain of the Moon.

Also you can visit Hill Climb Racing Best Cars for Each Map. There you will get to know which car is best for which map.

You can also spend more time in the air to get some extra coins. But using this vehicle will slow up the riding speed. But for coin farming, it is best to use.

There is also a benefit of upgrading your Mid-Air controls on the Moon. This will help you in getting some extra flips. The most annoying part for the new players in the game is at around 483m and 750m. At these two parts, there is a steep hill.

So you need to upgrade your wheels and engine in order to overcome this problem. But at 750m, you need to have airtime or you have to use a booster. Moonlander can also help at these positions if you use it. Otherwise, you can use a Monster Truck or Quad Bike.


This is all for the best level in Hill Climb Racing. We have covered up all the details of the Moon. Also we have suggested some of the best vehicles for this level. Still if you have any query, feel free to leave a comment.

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