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Hill Climb Racing Best Cars for Each Map

In Hill Climb Racing, choosing a car for the ride depends upon the player’s preference. We know that the game has various maps and you have to choose the car according to map conditions.

Here in this article, we will share our pick for Hill Climb Racing Best Cars. Also we will discuss why these cars are the best. Below is the list of top 5 best cars. Also you can check out the comparison between Hill Climb Racing and its sequel.

1- Super Off-Road

super offroad- hill climb racing best cars

This car is considered as the Hill Climb Racing best car from all aspects. Super Offroad has a balancing speed and stability. This makes it a top preference for any terrain, any racing style and any kind of hard challenge.

Super Offroad can easily tackle any obstacle in its way and is able to maintain balance on uneven edges. Also it can navigate tight corners very easily. Not just this, also it gives you the best fuel efficiency in comparison to the other super performance vehicles in the game.

Better fuel efficiency allows players to travel long distances with less fuel consumption. The problem of running out of fuel is no longer a worry now. This feature of Super Offroad will help you in the Adventure Mode and longer Cup Races.

2- Rally Car

rally car- hill climb racing best cars

Rally Car is best known as the all rounder vehicle. This car is very easy to control and it is very efficient in almost every kind of terrain. The performance of this vehicle is very balanced with its speed.

You can ride any hard terrain with some good speed, well balanced performance, good fuel efficiency and some extreme robust traction. All of these features are making it one of the best cars in the game. You can tackle many different landscapes with this high performance vehicle.

3- Racing Car

racing car- hill climb racing best cars

Racing Car in Hill Climb Racing is known for its speed and difficult handling. Driving a Racing Car requires some high skills. For new players, it is hard to learn how to control the fastest Racing Car in the game. Moreover, you can do some crazy stuff like cool tricks and get some new high scores with this beast vehicle.

4- Monster Truck

monster truck- hill climb racing best cars

If you are crazy about some big vehicles with large tires and powerful suspension, Monster Truck is made for you. Featuring exceptional traction, Monster Truck is able to climb the steepest hills. Also it is able to navigate rough and hard terrains more easily.

While driving this heavy beast, you can feel it is very slow and also difficult to control. So we do not recommend driving this vehicle for long routes. Monster Truck will help you in Off-Road Challenges, where you need more stability in off-road terrains.

5- Moon-Lander

moonlander- hill climb racing best cars

Moonlander is specially designed to excel in low gravity terrain of the Moon. This vehicle is well designed for uneven and bumpy surfaces which are hard for other vehicles to pass. The most highlighted and top feature of this vehicle is shock absorption. This feature is very crucial in multiple terrains.

The design of Moonlander, huge and extremely stable tires, helps in having some better stability during various races. You will also enjoy controlling this vehicle on some uneven surfaces where other vehicles fail.

Best Vehicles For Countryside

The situations faced on the Countryside are uneven surfaces, unclimbable obstacles and rolling hills. Some hard and tough obstacles contain rocks and bumps. A player will face many uphill and downhill surfaces while driving in the Countryside.

You should better take control of your vehicle if you are driving on these uneven surfaces or you will crash. You should choose the best vehicle which is suitable for these bumpy terrains. This is done by considering some factors like speed, durability, traction control and ability of the vehicle to go through these uneven surfaces.

Below is the list of some of the best vehicles for Countryside. These vehicles are suggested because of their strong suspensions and large wheels.

  • Monster Truck
  • Jeep
  • Dune Buggy
  • Super Offroad
  • Tank
  • Tractor

Best Vehicles For Moon

You need a whole new different approach for navigating Moon terrain. It is because of low gravity, reduced traction and landscape with many bumpy areas and craters. By considering these factors, we will suggest to you the Hill Climb Racing Best Cars for Moon.

Below is the list of some of the best cars for the Moon.

  • Moonlander
  • Monster Truck
  • Rover
  • Rally Car

You can choose these vehicles for Moon terrain. Cars like Moonlander and Rover contains low pressure tires which will enhance the stability in bumpy and uneven surfaces.


To wind things up, it’s now on you to choose from Hill Climb Racing Best Cars according to terrain. All the vehicles can be purchased by coins or with money. You can collect these coins by playing the game regularly.

Some of the cars are quite expensive and can be purchased with a lot of coins. But you don’t have to worry, you can also download the Hill Climb Mod Apk version for unlimited coins and free shopping without any interruption of Ads.

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