Fastest Car in Hill Climb Racing

Fastest Car in Hill Climb Racing

“High power and aerodynamics makes it an ultimate hill climbing vehicle. Just upgrade downforce and this car will follow the road like a magnet”

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Description: Race Car

The Race Car, which is the fastest car in Hill Climb Racing, is the 10th vehicle in the game. This car costs 250,000 coins to unlock. With its supreme speed, it is the fastest car in the game as per our perception.

Race Car Cost in Hill Climb Racing

Once you upgrade it to the max level, this fastest car in Hill Climb Racing will become a beast. Its speed will increase to a significant level. Also it will become very hard to control. At very high speed, your Race Car will have more flips on bumpy and uneven surfaces. Bill’s neck will probably be cracked!

Recommended Stages

The perfect use of this car is on smooth and straight stages like Highway, Cave and Boot Camp. if you try this vehicle on Ragnarok stage, you will get very disappointed after a crash. So, always go with the straight roads to get the win for yourself!

Upgrade & Upgrade Costs

The upgrades of Race Car are divided into 4 different categories. The Suspension upgrades will help your car to better absorb shocks and bumps. The Engine upgrades will boost the acceleration and top speed of the car will increase.

Similarly, Tire upgrades will increase the road grip and handling of your car will increase. Lastly, the Downforce upgrades the push down feature of the car. This will help your ride to keep close to the driving surface.

Tires are most expensive to upgrade to the max level. The third most expensive upgrades are of Downforce and then Suspension. The cheapest thing to upgrade is the Engine. Here in this section, we have also shared a chart of each upgrade level with the cost of upgrade.

Total Cost973500101400014950001152000


The Race Car’s design is an old design we can say. It is quite similar to a Formula 1 style car. The new design of the F1 car in Hill Climb Racing is quite different. So, the design of the Fast Car resembles the old design of an F1 car.

The aerodynamics of Fast Car in Hill Climb racing are also very realistic. This is done to make it the fastest car in the game.

The Fast Car works very well on straight stages with less bumps like The Highway. Also this car is good for Boot Camp and Cave.


In this article, we have discussed almost every thing about the fastest car in Hill Climb Racing. Now you have all the information about Race Car, all the upgrades and cost of upgrades.

Still if you have any query in your mind, you can comment below. Also you can read Top 10 Games Like Hill Climb Racing. This guide contains all other alternatives of Hill Climb Racing that you can play in spare time.

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