Super Offroad Hill Climb Racing

Super Offroad in Hill Climb Racing

The Super Offroad Hill Climb racing is considered as one of the best vehicles in the game. Although its cost is relatively high, it is the super durable vehicle in the game for all kinds of terrains. Super Offroad can be unlocked by spending 1,000,000 coins.

The Super Offroad is considered as one of the few tracked based best vehicles in HCR. it all because of the high speed, grip on uneven surfaces, downforce and a high capacity fuel tank to feed unlimited fuel.

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Moreover, the Super Offroad offers 20 levels upgrade for the Engine, 20 for Tracks, 15 for Fuel Tank and 15 for Downforce. Upgrading will help you to get better control on your vehicle and you can make new records as high as possible.

The Super Offroad is so durable that it can run on all kinds of muddy and bumpy terrains with great effectiveness. This vehicle will cost plenty of coins to get upgraded but it is worth it. It gives some amazing grip with outstanding stability.

So we can now consider that Super Offroad can work in all conditions. It might be the best all-rounder car in Hill Climb Racing. You can also read about the Fast Car which is the fastest one in the game.

Description: Super Offroad

If we look closely, we came to know that Super Offroad is the combination of a tank and a race car. It contains benefits of both vehicles like good stability and super high speed. This vehicle can handle jagged and bumpy edges very well. Not just this, it also works good on Forest maps because it can easily drive over trees and all the stuff.

There is only a single drawback of Super Offroad, if you lose the spoiler, the Downforce will stop working. This will make things difficult to climb on steep hills.

Upgrades & Upgrades Costs

Total cost to max out the super offroad hill climb racing is 23,213,500 coins. Below is the table defining the cost of upgrading each part at every level.


Suitable Maps

Super Offroad is works well almost in every type of stage. But it is less suitable for long maps due low fuel capacity. Make sure you don’t lose your spoiler as it is very easy to lose the spoiler.

If you want to cover long distance stagess like Highway or Xmas, make sure to save your spoiler. Losing the spoiler will remove the downforce which is a bad thing while covering long distances. Below are the best suitable maps for Super Offroad.

  • Mudpool
  • Beach
  • Xmas
  • Seasons
  • Alien Planet
  • Bootcamp


Here in this article, we have covered almost every detail about super offroad hill climb racing. Now you know the unlock and upgrade cost of this beast vehicle and also what maps are suitable for this vehicle.

In case of any relevant query, you can leave a comment below, we’ll sort it out.

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